What’s New in Rosario, Argentina?

For the past few years Rosario has been doing everything in its power to grow as a tourist destination city. Unfortunately, they continually fall short of achieving their goal thanks to the towering shadows and proximity of Buenos Aires. However, 2015 will bring National elections and this seems to have brought us luck! The current Secretary of transport in Rosario’s neighboring town, Baigorria, is planning on running for Governor of Santa Fe. To prepare his political campaign he has made agreements with both Aerolíneas Argentinas and TAM to begin providing National and International flights to and from Rosario!!!

What does this mean for our students as Spanish in Rosario?

1. You can now arrive directly to Rosario (Airport code – ROS). Now, I know what you are thinking, “But arriving to Buenos Aires is a bit cheaper and I will take advantage of acquainting myself with the city before heading North.” This is fine, I understand why you might think that way, but let me attempt to persuade you into thinking otherwise: After a 14-20 hour plane ride, what is the first thing you want to do? Shower and sleep in a safe warm/cool place? Am I right? Rosario is smaller, quieter and safer than Buenos Aires, making it an ideal home base. Then, once you are settled in, have learned some Spanish, and recovered from the residual jet-lag, you can take a bus to Buenos Aires for the weekend, taking with you not, all your belongings, but just the necessary.

2. You can now fly from Rosario to Iguazú instead of taking an 18 hour bus (though I must confess that the bus ride provides the oh so sought after romantic element of backpacking!)

3. You can now fly directly from Rosario to Sao Paulo Brazil – Just in time for Carnaval!

4. You can now depart Rosario for Bariloche without the 5 hour bus ride in the middle.

5. You can now take a connecting flight from the Rosario airport to Ezeiza International airport for just a few dollars more. A one way bus transfer is about U$D 80.00 while the 40 minute plane connection is roughly U$D 120.00.