Girl on video chat Spanish conversation class online.

Spanish Conversation Classes Online

Now you can practice and polish your Spanish speaking skills with our weekly Spanish conversation workshops!

Each week we will choose a new topic to explore, learning Spanish in the context of cooking, film, music, history of fútbol, and any other topic that piques your interest. 

Join a growing global community of Spanish learners.

Keep your Spanish language skills polished and ready to use...

so that you're ready to travel, sit for an interview or ask someone to dinner.

Connect with Spanish language learners from all over the world.

Speak Spanish without breaking out in hives.

According educational research, you are 45% more likely to learn Spanish when that learning is done within the framework of a discussion group. That’s why we have created the Club de Conversación: online weekly conversation workshops based on specific topics of interest. 

learn Spanish in Rosario, Argentina

Our Team

Do you know what makes a team work over time? Communication, passion and ownership.

All workshops:

  • Last 1.5 hours.
  • Will be held on Saturdays from 13:00-14:30 Buenos Aires time. To calculate the time in your country of place, click here
  • Will be led exclusively in Spanish.
  • Are open to all ages and levels, though will be most appropriate for adult learners with at least a pre-intermediate level.

IF you pay for a workshop, but are unable to attend, you can join the next conversation. 

We do, however, ask that you keep schedule changes to a minimum. 


Still got questions?

We are always happy to help.