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Study the Spanish language and experience the social and cultural aspects of Rosario Argentina. Stay with host families and learn Spanish with courses designed for your specific needs.

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Rosario, the largest city in Province of Santa Fe, and the second largest in Argentina, is positioned on the banks of the River Parana. Because of it’s relative obscurity on the international tourist circuit, the student is provided with
unparalleled opportunities to truly experience Argentine culture – as well as implement their Spanish skills, making for an ideal location to learn, experience, and live Spanish!

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Born a river city port, Rosario boarders the Parana river, Parana
coming from the native Guarani language meaning “Family of the Sea.”
Blossoming with public parks, plazas, and green space, Rosario has vowed
to plant one tree for each of it’s estimated 1 million inhabitants,
providing for a beautiful framework to a dynamic juxtaposition of both
the modern and antique architecture that line the city’s streets.

The city is rich in both urban and native culture. Noted for it’s
vivacious nightlife and “Bodegones,” or corner bars, Rosario maintains
the friendly intimacy of a small town while offering the pleasures of a
cosmopolitan city in the making!