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A Time for Giving

As you may or may not know, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, a day where, in the U.S., we give thanks to all the people we are grateful to have encountered in our lives. This year, at Spanish in Rosario, we are showing our gratitude in another way.

We have teamed up with El Desafio Foundation to give something more than thanks. We want to help them raise money for something we believe in: young girl’s lives.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with El Desafio, it is a local foundation that is working to eliminate poverty by inspiring at-risk youth. This year, more specifically, they are launching a new program designated especially for young ladies. By giving them a safe and inspiring place to practice and excel at a sport, girls gain confidence. They develop drive and interpersonal skills that change their lives forever.

By giving chances to young girls through sports, El Desafio is helping them to develop the necessary life skills they need to face their challenges and make a big impact on the world around them.

Girls are powerful drivers of change and your donation can make a difference!

By providing just $10 USD each month, you provide two weeks of sports training for one girl.

From 29th November to 31th December we are joining El Desafio Foundation campaign to raise USD 30.000 to reach 200 girls in the coming two years. Join us by donating to the project in this link

For an extra push, donations done on #GivingTuesday (29th Nov) will be matched by 50% by Globalgiving (until funds lasts).

In the humble words of Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

And again, thank you! We are grateful to have crossed your path!