Share your Experience

It occurred to us just recently that, while we can attempt to share important tips and pieces of advice for our future students, the best way to do so is by asking our past students to share their experiences with us. There is no experience like that of the first hand.

So, each month we will be publishing pieces written by our students in hopes to help answer questions, fears and doubts about studying abroad, traveling to Rosario and living in Argentina.

Here is the first of what we hope to be many accounts.

Untitled (to a Friend)

Like the true prose that is destined to reveal an inner self, it was only a matter of time before my eyes betrayed my show of strength.

As I paced unevenly with each step I was keenly aware of the realities, tangible and otherwise, that came together to make that specific moment in time.

It was a perfect duality of fallacies that almost overwhelmed my consciousness.

Time and place. Hope and fear. The familiar and the foreign… my means of communication, and that which foreshadowed my future.

My eyes met those of another wise beyond her years, and her eyes revealed to me a courage fortified to perfection through a lifetime of adversity overcome.

Those eyes momentarily broke me.

The vulnerability that completes my essence, often hidden as a mechanism of survival in a world of blind negativity, released itself.

A relationship destined to be was delayed a few minutes further, and I prepared myself to begin a journey I knew would change me forever.

-Brendan Brenshaw is from Boston, United States. He came to Rosario in search occupying his mind with the learning of Spanish while anxiously awaiting his results to the BAR exam. Little did he know he would not only learn the language, but also meet a girl, land a job with a multinational corporation and conquer his fears of feeling vulnerable.