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Spanish in Rosario. Study Spanish in Argentina.

Study the Spanish language and experience the social and cultural aspects of Rosario Argentina. Stay with host families and learn Spanish with courses designed for your specific needs.

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One to One Courses

If you are looking for an even more tailored approach to learning Spanish, or have a busy schedule of either work or play, we recommend private one to one Spanish classes. This allows you to take 2 hours or 200 hours, scheduled and adapted to suite your needs as a student.

What are the advantages?

  • Flexibility with times of classes
  • Personalized attention to specific topics and or vocabulary
  • Ability to advance at one’s own velocity

While private one to one classes are more flexible, we do ask that, should you need to cancel for whatever reason, that you do so with at least 24 hours notice. This will insure that you can make up the scheduled hours.