group Spanish classes in Rosario

Weekly Group Intensives

Our weekly group lessons start each Monday. Divided by level they are based on 20 hours per week -4 hours daily- in groups of 6 or less students.

U$D 200.00 p/week

group Spanish intensives

Monthly Group Intensives

Monthly courses start the first Monday of every month. They are based on 4 hours of daily class time -Monday through Friday- for a total of 80 hours.

U$D 760.00 p/month

Group Spanish classes all year

Super-intensive Course

Turn any of our intensive courses into a Super-intensive by adding 1 hour of private 1 to 1 lesson after every 4 hour day of group lessons.

U$D 200.00 + U$D 85.00 p/week

private Spanish course

Private 1 to 1 Classes

Customize your experience with tailored content and adaptable schedules both in person and online.

U$D 25.00 per hour

Ask about discounts for 20 hours or more. 

group Spanish courses in Rosario

Survival Spanish Day-class

Bite-sized 2 hr classes that teach specific content in the various contexts of travel.

1 person – U$D 40.00 p/2 hr block

2 people – U$D 60.00 p/2 hr block

What you'll get

Authentic Materials

Human Connection

Tailored Experience

Real-life Communication

Confident Speaking Skills

Study abroad programs in Rosario, Argentina

I can’t speak highly enough of this school. Being completely immersed in the language was perfect! During my time at Spanish in Rosario, not only did I learn Spanish, I learned teaching techniques that I now use with my students back home.

Spanish in Rosario is not just a school, its a way of life!

Lisa Keegan – Dublin, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to study for more than 1 month. Do you have options for long-term study?

Every year we launch 2 long-term courses, January-April and August-December. You can read more about those here. However, if you decide to come outside of those course dates, because our school is fairly small, we are almost always able to accommodate you. We cannot, however, promise that there will be an adequately leveled group course for the duration of your stay. Often our long-term students shift back and forth between both group and private lessons as other backpackers come and go. 

I’ve already taken some Spanish and I don’t want to start at the beginning again. Do you offer different levels

We ALWAYS prioritize language level over the social aspect of being able to form a group. Our greatest hope for you is that you leave here speaking Spanish. Forming groups for the sake of forming groups does a great injustice, not only to you, but also to us. 

Is housing included in the cost of the course?

Unfortunately no. All housing costs are separate from the course prices. We do, however, offer a reservation service at no extra cost.

What is included in the price of the course?

All our courses include:

  • Necessary materials necessary for completing your chosen course
  • All registration fees
  • Free WIFI on location
  • Free reservation service with our partnering Hostels
  • Emergency medical assistance while on school property
  • Free volunteer placement
  • Tourist information
  • A home away from home

Why are your prices in US dollars? This is Argentina. Shouldn’t the prices be in pesos?

I totally feel you on this one. In fact, I remember asking the SAME question 13 years ago. Here is the thing, every year we receive students from just about every country on the  map. Dealing the different conversion rates within the context of massive inflation, would be just short of chaos. By keeping our prices in dollars we maintain a stable price that hasn’t changed in over a decade. 

Do you offer internationally recognized diplomas?

While we CAN prepare you to sit for international exams, like the DELE or CELU, we are NOT a testing center. We do , however, offer a certificate of completion, signed and dated by our educational director. In the case that you would like to earn credit towards your University, let us know. That does happen from time to time, depending on the University. 

Do you have a question we didn't answer?

Send us your inquiries. We’re ALWAYS happy to help!