I moved to Rosario, Argentina with the intention of only staying one year. My idea was to live, work, and travel the continent, just like I had done in Europe. Then, I would move back home for a couple months, and do the same in Asia. One of the last things my mother told me before I left was, “whatever you do, don’t fall in love with an argentino.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, rolling my eyes and not really thinking much of her comment.  Argentinians are known for their good looks and their smooth talkin’ ways. They have a way of sweeping you off your feet and saying all the right words.

So I moved to Argentina, totally aware of the stereotypical Argentine, but definitely not prepared for their chamuyo. There are a couple instances where chamuyo occurs. Most of the time, however, chamuyo refers to the charismatic conversation are used to pick up a woman, whether it is sweet talking or simple nonsense chit chat to keep a girl’s attention, it is still chamuyo. I’d go out with my friends to a bar or boliche (nightclub), and I’d see chamuyeros chamuyando everywhere. “Hola mi amor, que hermosa que sos, blah blah blah.” And if their chamuyo didn’t work with one girl, they’d likely try it on the next.

Chamuyo can also be referred to the bullshit or lies someone tells you. You might hear Argentinians say that the politicians here in Argentina are full of chamuyo. Or that the “official dollar exchange rate” is pure chamuyo.

Anyway, in Argentina I met a lot of chamuyeros, in every sense of the word, and have definitely heard my fair share of chamuyo throughout my stay here. And, although mommadukes told me not to fall in love with an argentino because “they’re all chamuyeros,” I ended up doing exactly that: falling madly in love with one in particular, and yes I met him in a boliche just 3 months before going back to the states. I was a sucker for his chamuyo, his good looks and his charming smile. Long story short, those 3 months flew by and I said yes to my sweet talkin’ chamuyero, married him and called him mine. Now I am the one doing all the chamuyando, “amor, ¿me traes un mate?” (Baby, will you bring me a mate?)

So, for a quick recap:
Chamuyo (n)- the words or speech someone uses, either to pick someone up, or to bullshit
Chamuyero (n)- a smooth talkin’ son of a gun.
Chamuyar (v)- the action of lying in order to convince someone to go out with you.

Gentlemen, do you want to learn how to be a good chamuyero? Or ladies, do you want to learn how to spot a chamuyero? Now’s your chance! Study with us at Spanish in Rosario!

Written by Vanessa Galban

ESL teacher