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Boludo: every Argentinian's favorite slang word


Boludo: Argentinians’ favorite word. If you’re coming to Argentina, you may get lost without it. Are you planning a trip to Argentina?  If so, there’s something you should know.  You’ll need to learn Spanish, but you’ll also need to learn the word boludo. Because, while the Spanish you will learn here is the same Spanish …

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Argentinians, like their Italian and Spanish ancestors, are a touchy feely bunch. That personal space bubble you have in your home country (that is, if you are from the U.S., Germany, or England), will be popped the second you touch ground in Argentina. “Wait, so, I’m supposed to kiss everyone?” a new student studying at …

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“Hey you, Black girl, can you pass the plate?”

My incredibly sweet Argentinian husband calls me “gordita” (chubby). At first, I cringed with the sound of it, imagining the words being said in public and witnessing the shock and disapproval on the faces of strangers at the sound of something so classically offensive.  “Hey gordita, let’s go downtown.” Why gordita of all words? I …

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