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Boludo: every Argentinian's favorite slang word


Boludo: Argentinians’ favorite word. If you’re coming to Argentina, you may get lost without it. Are you planning a trip to Argentina?  If so, there’s something you should know.  You’ll need to learn Spanish, but you’ll also need to learn the word boludo. Because, while the Spanish you will learn here is the same Spanish …

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You can make the world a better place. Here is how.

I’m in a room with approximately 20 people, all of which are staring at me, waiting for my presentation. A bit nervous, I cleared my throat and began. “I need a volunteer.” Hesitating slightly, I saw random hands creep their way up. “Great. You there, in the pink shirt. Please come to the front and …

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Argentinians, like their Italian and Spanish ancestors, are a touchy feely bunch. That personal space bubble you have in your home country (that is, if you are from the U.S., Germany, or England), will be popped the second you touch ground in Argentina. “Wait, so, I’m supposed to kiss everyone?” a new student studying at …

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¿Qué onda?

If you are going to be in Argentina for any length of time, “onda” is a word that you will need to know ¿qué onda? in order to know what’s going on. It it is a multipurpose word. If we translate it literally, it means waves or vibrations, but, depending on its context, the meaning …

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