4 Things you Should Know about Studying Abroad in Rosario, Argentina

Bethany Winkels from the United States shared her thoughts about being in Argentina and studying Spanish.

I’ve now been in Argentina for a month. Some thoughts:

  1. Learning another language comes in waves – it recedes and crashes into me depending on the day. I’m learning to legit speak Spanish, and it’s awesome (and exhausting, and life-affirming, and etc., etc.)
  2. Experiencing, learning about, and being surrounded by a new culture feels like having a microscope and telescope to look at life/self/the world at large. As Anton Ego taught us, there’s nothing quite like perspective.
  3. I have amazing friends and family – distance means loving differently not less or more. (Keep it up team)
    This has been, for a variety of reasons, and one in particular, one of the best months of my life. If we haven’t caught up recently, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
  4. An Alfajor is a life changing dessert. Search one out. Trust me on this.