Real-time Classes for Real-life Impact.

We believe that life is made up of connections. 

The kind of connections that leave a mark on your memory for a lifetime.

We also believe that language is the door to those connections. .

small group lessons


If you’re more of the road less traveled type, our home-base in Rosario, Argentina is just the place for you. Private 1 to 1 and group lessons for all ages all year long.

learn Spanish in Buenos Aires


If you are looking to experience the busy halls of a traditional international school, our partner school is located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires..

learn Spanish anywhere


Now you can learn Spanish online with us! Get a jump start before your trip to South America or continue learning seamlessly after attending one of our courses.

We may not be different.

But our courses sure are.

learn Spanish in Argentina


We all learn differently. But there is one undeniable fact: you remember 90% of the things you've done. That's why we introduce all content within the context of real-life situations, so you can put everything to practice, and start speaking on day 1.


Studying abroad is about more than just traveling tourist-style through a foreign land. It is about experiencing the cultural differences and connecting with the people that reside within it. At Spanish in Rosario, we give you the tools to truly live the language.


We are the only school in Rosario that is 100% dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreigners and it's been that way for more than 10 years. We've had time to iron out the kinks so that your experience is seamless.

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