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Study the Spanish language and experience the social and cultural aspects of Rosario Argentina. Stay with host families and learn Spanish with courses designed for your specific needs.

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DELE Preparation Course

Our DELE preparation courses consist of private one to one lessons and are designed to prepare students for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera exam (DELE)

Tailored to suit the needs of each student, our preparation course for the DELE exam consists of individual classes specifically designed to ensure the student develops the necessary competencies to pass their selected level of the exam (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Focusing on the four basic skills, reading, writing, conversation, and listening, classes will be accompanied by a wide variety of texts and audios from throughout the Hispanic world, including Spain, and will be complimented with mock and practice exams.

Description of the competencies according to levels.

Diploma de Español Nivel A1 (Starter level): This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for a very basic range of the most commonly simple expressions used in the Spanish-speaking world and in order to satisfy immediate needs of a concrete type.

Diploma de Español Nivel A2 (Waystage or Elementary level):
This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for understanding a basic range of the commonly simple and immediate relevance of expressions used in the Spanish-speaking world (basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).

Diploma de Español Nivel B1 (Inicial / Beginner level):
This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for understanding and responding appropriately in most normal day-to-day situations and for expressing desires and needs in a basic way.

Diploma de Español Nivel B2 (Intermedio / Intermediate level):
This qualification validates sufficient linguistic ability to get by in average day-to-day situations in normal communication circumstances, which do not require specialized use of the language.

Diploma de Español Nivel C1: At this level, users are expected to be able to use the structures of a language with ease and fluency. Users are able to adapt their language use to a variety of social situations, and express opinions and take part in discussions and arguments in a culturally acceptable way.

Diploma de Español Nivel C2 (Superior / Proficiency level):
This qualification accredits the necessary linguistic competence to integrate in situations requiring an advanced use of the language and knowledge of the cultural customs embedded within it.