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Spagnolo a Rosario. Studiare lo spagnolo in Argentina.

Studiare la lingua spagnola e sperimentare gli aspetti sociali e culturali del Rosario Argentina. Resta con famiglie ospitanti e imparare lo spagnolo con corsi progettati per le vostre esigenze specifiche.

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Corsi di gruppo

Study Spanish in small groups!

We offer three styles of group courses at Spanish in Rosario: Weekly Courses, Monthly Courses and Specialty Courses.

Weekly Courses

We offer two kinds of weekly group courses: A Survival Course and an Intensive Course.

  • Sopravvivenza Corso di spagnoloOur survival Spanish course is designed to give each student a fast and efficient way to learn the basics: How to give and ask for personal information, how to check-in and out, order and pay, how to ask for directions and finally, how to make friends. Each of these modules are divided into 2 hour bite-sized courses so you can take 1 o 5.
  • Weekly Intensive Spanish CourseOur intensive Spanish course is based on 20 hours of language study broken into 2 moduli 2 hours with short coffee breaks between. Utilizing a communicative approach to learning, everything begins with a desire to express oneself and, as a followup and reinforcement, tutto 4 skills language learning skills are employed: lettura, scrittura, listening and speaking.

Monthly Courses

All monthly courses are kept to a maximum of 6 students per course in order to insure a tailor made approach and are always divided based on language level.

We offer two kinds of monthly group courses: Cultural Immersion and Long Stay

  • Cultural Immersion Spanish CourseOur cultural immersion course is based on 80 hours of language immersion in the Argentinean culture. Using language a medium, students will not only acquire a new found skill in communication, but also a broad knowledge and understanding of Argentinean history and culture.
  • Long StayOur long stay course is designed for the long stay student who is either working or studying while here in Rosario and finds they need some extra tutoring in Spanish. This course is based on 2 classes per week of 1. 5 hour modules, un totale di 12 hours monthly.

Che cosa aspettarsi

  • Small groups of 6 or less people to maximize learning
  • Carefully divided groups
  • Highly experienced professors
  • Academic excellence
  • Authentic and creative materials
  • Real life application of what is being taught
  • Creative and dynamic classes

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