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Étudier la langue espagnole et découvrir les aspects sociaux et culturels de Rosario en Argentine. Hébergés dans des familles d'accueil et apprendre l'espagnol avec des cours adaptés à vos besoins spécifiques.

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Vous pouvez faire du monde un meilleur endroit. Voici comment.

Je suis dans une chambre avec environ 20 personnes, qui sont tous à me regarder, attente pour ma présentation.

Un peu nerveux, Je me suis raclé la gorge et a commencé.

“I need a volunteer.”

Hesitating slightly, Je voyais les mains aléatoires fluage leur chemin.

"Génial. Vous y, dans la chemise rose. Please come to the front and sit beside me.”

Looking slightly bewildered and equally as nervous as I felt, Sara cautiously made her way to the front of the room and sat down. With that, I launched my speech.

En Argentine, we waste some 1.5 million tons of usable food per year all because of lack of planning, poor conservation and simple ignorance to a very real problem. That is 38 kilos per person and yet, 1 in approximately 20 people goes hungry, 70% of them being children. And we are all responsible. Every single one of us

Les bonnes nouvelles sont, cependant, that there is a group of people who are already making a difference.

BARFood Bank Rosario

The Food Bank Rosario is a civil society organization who recovers food items that can no longer be used for commercialization while still being apt for consumption. Not only do they distribute these recovered items in a transparent and efficient manner to entities who directly help people and families with limited resources, they also educate the community about the problems with hunger, food waste and possible solutions to these problems.


They collect, control and organize everything in order for it to reach their beneficiaries efficiently, taking into account the diverse merchandise received and then making sure it gets to where it needs to go in a timely fashion. Quickness is crucial!


There are really so many ways you can help, one of which is by sharing the social mission. Another is by donating food, logistics and personal services or time. finalement, you could make monthly economic contributions to assure those working to get things done, are able to do so.


Spanish in Rosario forged an alliance with BAR to provide a hands on language learning experience in the form of active solidarity. Put your Spanish language learning to good work by assuming the commitment to better the quality of life for Rosarinos in need.


In a collaborative effort, Spanish in Rosario will provide you with the vocabulary necessary to then apply to the hands on activities with BAR such as, collecting donations, classifying and ordering pick ups and generating an overall collective awareness of the problem of food waste, hunger and undernourishment.

Qu'est-ce que tu attends? Make a difference now with mouth to mouth solidarity.

To study Spanish and participate in the BAR volunteer program, contact us at ici.

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