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Study the Spanish language and experience the social and cultural aspects of Rosario Argentina. Stay with host families and learn Spanish with courses designed for your specific needs.

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Giving Back!

Spanish in Rosario has started giving back to the community! We have recently developed a new professional relationship with whose mission is to create an inclusive society with equal development opportunities that fight the root causes of poverty and promotes civic participation. How are we helping them to do this?  Every Friday afternoon the director of […]

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¡Qué Quilombo!

If you’ve been studying Spanish at Spanish in Rosario, you’ve probably heard the word “quilombo” thrown around to describe a ruckus, mess, scandal, disorder, or conflict. It can be used positively or negatively – as in a fun mess or a total shitty disaster. But I bet you don’t know where the word comes from. […]

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In most countries, using laziness is not a justifiable or acceptable excuse to decline or cancel plans, unless however, you happen to be in Argentina. Ah, good ol’ fiaca – or laziness in English. That feeling of wanting to do absolutely nothing. In my country – The United States – being busy and wanting to […]

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