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Do you Speak Argentine?


The expression “dar bola” has a long debatable origin. Here in Argentina, we use it to express something similar to the the English phrase “pay attention to”. No le des bola or don’t pay any attention to him/her, however, is more complex than you would imagine. According to Héctor Zimmerman in his book Tres mil […]

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Share Your Experience – Nick Williams


We asked Nick Williams from The United States to reflect upon his experience here in Rosario, Argentina. We know that putting experiences into words is difficult, but if you had to sum up your time here, how would you explain it? Phenomenal connections made with phenomenal people. Wow Nick! That is great to hear. What […]

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Exceeding my Expectations – An interview with Alex

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Alex. I’m originally from Chicago. If you could put your experience in Rosario into just a few words, how would you sum it up? An exceedingly comfortable and often outrageously fun space for me to practice and improve my Spanish. What expectations did […]

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