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¿Qué onda?

If you are going to be in Argentina for any length of time, “onda” is a word that you will need to know ¿qué onda? in order to know what’s going on. It it is a multipurpose word. If we translate it literally, it means waves or vibrations, but, depending on its context, the meaning […]

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4 Things you Should Know about Studying Abroad in Rosario, Argentina

Bethany Winkels from the United States shared her thoughts about being in Argentina and studying Spanish. I’ve now been in Argentina for a month. Some thoughts: Learning another language comes in waves – it recedes and crashes into me depending on the day. I’m learning to legit speak Spanish, and it’s awesome (and exhausting, and […]

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9 Ways to Use the Word “Pedo”


The other day I was having dinner with an Argentinian friend and her new French roommate who had just arrived in Rosario to study abroad for a semester. At the dinner table we had a brief discussion that went something like this: “Last Sunday evening, estaba al pedo at home, doing little more than staring […]

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