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I learned Spanish in Spain where the word concha is used to describe the hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean: a shell. In Donostia, San Sebastian, the main beach is called Playa de Concha. So, after living and learning Spanish there for six months, I felt I had a pretty clear understanding […]

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Meter la pata

Although the commonly used phrase “meter la pata” originated in Spain,  it is used extensively throughout Argentina and much of Latin America. Pata means leg and foot, not that of a human’s, but of an animal’s (although you will hear many Latin Americans using pata for a person’s foot too). If I were to literally […]

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¡Qué Quilombo!

If you’ve been studying Spanish at Spanish in Rosario, you’ve probably heard the word “quilombo” thrown around to describe a ruckus, mess, scandal, disorder, or conflict. It can be used positively or negatively – as in a fun mess or a total shitty disaster. But I bet you don’t know where the word comes from. […]

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