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Spanish in Rosario. Study Spanish in Argentina.

Study the Spanish language and experience the social and cultural aspects of Rosario Argentina. Stay with host families and learn Spanish with courses designed for your specific needs.

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About SinR


To sum a person up in just a few words is difficult; to sum an experience up in just a few words is impossible.

Spanish in Rosario is comprised of a team of passionate and energetic individuals. Founded by Stephanie Cariker, an expatriate of the US who found her heart in Argentina, the team works with progressive and innovative approaches to teaching and transmitting their mother tongue; Spanish.

Our Philosophy

Spanish in Rosario is a quaint language school built on the philosophy that language is the most profound aspect of culture and, therefore, cannot be learned separately, but rather simultaneously. Since 2007 he have dedicated ourselves to customizing each encounter, seducing sensory skills and meeting personal needs in order to provide for a unique and creative learning experience, destined to leave its mark in your memory for a lifetime!

Our Methodology

Offering both weekly and monthly courses in both private and group settings for all levels and ages, we have abandoned old paradigms of language as a theory rather than a practice and have integrated everyday situations into our innovative methodology. Our goal is for our students to learn Spanish, experience Spanish, and above all, live Spanish via authentic materials and experiences.  Courses are always kept at a maximum number of 6 students per group, providing an ideal atmosphere for language acquisition.

Our School

Our inspiring learning space is a located in an upper level, turn of the century restored building located in the picturesque “parte vieja” of Rosario, Argentina better known as Pichincha. Pichincha is perfectly located within walking distance of downtown, just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city center to make for a perfect learning environment.

The space has been referred to by our students as, “warm,” “comfortable,” “homey,” and “peaceful.”

Our Teachers

Our professors are among the most qualified in the city. They are all university graduates who are fluent in more than one language. More importantly, however, than their level of education, is that each has an extensive and diverse history of life experiences. They are flexible and patient, creative and caring, and they love what they do!